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  • Rewriting

    If you’re overwhelmed at the prospect of a significant revision, we’ll help! A Quill Pen editor can rewrite all or part of your document as needed. They can even implement the recommendations of a developmental editor to save you time and ease your revision stress. Starting at six cents per word.

  • Evaluation

    Have you finished an early draft of your manuscript? If you’re gearing up for a revision, an outside evaluation can prove invaluable. During an evaluation, a Quill Pen editor reads your manuscript and writes a 4-6 page analysis. This report will give you specific information from a professional, detailing what works, what doesn’t, and what […]

  • Proofreading

    Has your text already been edited and formatted but needs a final read-through to catch any lingering errors? For your peace of mind, you can hire a professional editor to proofread your document for incorrect grammar, punctuation, spelling, tenses, and similar mechanical errors. Starting at one cent per word.

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