March 2014

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  • 25 writing prompts to help you get started


    Having trouble getting started writing today? Need quick inspiration for a scene or paragraph? Here are 25 writing prompts to help! 1.     The cat turned up his nose at the treat. 2.     The firefighters couldn’t save the hotel. 3.     Flies buzzed around a white garbage bag. 4.     A glass of water sits precipitously on the […]

  • Five ways to conquer writer’s block


    When I sat down to write this blog post, I procrastinated for a full twenty minutes, intimidated by the blank computer screen that stretched out before me like a pristine canvas waiting to be marred by an unsightly splotch of paint. It’s silly, of course, in an age of word processors and backspace buttons that […]

  • Introducing the Quill Pen blog


    Welcome to the Quill Pen blog! We at Quill Pen Editorial Services are committed to helping you improve your writing. That’s why we launched our company last year, and it’s also why we’ve now decided to add our voices to the blogosphere. Twice a week—Monday and Thursday, to be precise—we’ll feature exciting content to assist […]