April 2014

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  • Four ways to edit your own work


    For obvious reasons, we’re big fans of professional editing. It’s not just that it’s our livelihood–we really believe that it’s the best option for writers. A second set of eyes will always catch errors that you don’t. If you need something to be perfect, whether it’s a cover letter, a self-published novel, or an academic […]

  • An interview with Linnette R. Mullin


    Linnette Mullin is the author of Finding Beth, a story of loss, romance, and God. Recently, we had the opportunity to ask Linnette a few questions about her book, her craft, and her writing process. We’re so excited for you to get to know her too! Tell us a little about Finding Beth. A run-away-bride-to-be […]

  • Academic writing 101


    Today we’re going to take a break from our discussion of fiction writing to give our student readers some tips about academic writing. If you’re a freshman in college—or soon to be a freshman—pay close attention: These are tips that you won’t get in your gen ed writing class! If you’re past that point, stay […]

  • These are a few of our favorite things


    Today, we bring you a list of our favorite resources for writers… beside the Quill Pen blog, of course! We’ve found these helpful, and we hope you will too. Also, since we know that writing can be an expensive habit that doesn’t always pay extravagantly, we’ve also made a point of listing resources that are […]