February 2015

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  • Prompts!


    Grab your pen–here are ten prompts in dialogue lines to get your creative juices flowing! 1. “Tomorrow, I’ll give my two weeks.” 2. “I just want a place to dance.” 3. “My name is not baby.” 4, “Do you hear the grackles?” 5. “A trip to Target is a spiritual experience.” 6. “Thanks for the […]

  • So you wanna be an editor?


    Every couple of weeks, I get an email or Facebook message that reads something like this: I’m thinking about becoming an editor. Where should I start? What advice do you have for me? As it turns out, I have lots of advice and after a request to share that advice publicly, I’ve decided it’s time […]

  • So you wanna quit your day job?


    Effective March 2nd, I will be cutting down from forty to twenty hours at my day job to give me time to pursue my passions: editing, writing, yoga, and green tea. (Mostly editing.) I’ve never been so excited. This transition has been in the works for a few months, and in November, a writer friend […]