March 2015

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  • A writer’s identity


    I’ve been grappling with the issue of identity recently. I finished my ARC of Rachelle Dekker’s debut novel The Choosing (which we’ll review on the blog in a couple of weeks), and I just can’t get it out of my head. (Pre-order it–it’ll rock your world.) The novel centers on Carrington, a girl living in […]

  • Dealing with bad reviews


    Ah, the dreaded one-star review. Everyone gets them. You’ll get a few two-star reviews too, I’m sorry to say. And that’s okay. Each time you get one, it hurts. But I promise: Everything will be fine. Here’s how you deal with them. 1. Accept the inevitability. Even (perhaps I should say, especially) bestselling authors get […]

  • Cast a vision


    This week, I’ve been reading Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership–which, as a side note, I highly recommend for all you small business owners out there–and I’ve been really struck by his focus on vision and goals. If you can’t tell from our social media pages, I’m a goal-oriented person; I live my life by to-do lists I […]

  • Microsteps to manage productivity


    It’s amazing how fast a day can slip away once you start watching “just one episode” of your favorite TV show on Hulu. But even if you have a pretty productive day, you’re probably not maximizing your efficiency. There are certainly some larger-scale changes we can make to help us get more words written–giving up […]

  • An interview with J.S. Bailey


    Today we’re thrilled to bring you an interview with our friend, J.S. Bailey, author of several novels, most recently, Servant, a fast-paced supernatural thriller. Tell us a little bit about Servant. Servant is the first novel of The Chronicles of Servitude, a new series involving one socially awkward twenty-year-old, spiritual gifts, and demons. Bobby, the […]

  • Your book is beautiful


    On the blog and our social media pages, we talk a lot about ways that you can improve your manuscript. After all, we’re editors–our job is to help you craft the best version of your book. And I love partnering with clients, helping them enjoy a successful book launch and get positive reviews on Amazon […]