May 2015

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  • An interview with T.H. Morris


    Guess what, everyone? It’s launch day! T.H. Morris is releasing his new novel, Item and Time, and we’re so pleased that he agreed to give us an interview. If you’re looking for a new novel (and you should always be looking for a new novel), check it out! We’re so glad to have you here. […]

  • A thoroughly calqued world


    In my previous post, I alluded to a process described as calquing, which I first learned of from Tom Shippey’s The Road to Middle Earth. I wish I could recall now exactly what Dr. Shippey said on the subject, but sadly I have left him in America. The long and short of it, though, is […]

  • Cartographic plotting


    A few months ago on the blog, I promised to continue my thoughts about leveraging the threat of a busy future and hard deadlines to help overcome the present desire to procrastinate. Obviously, that strategy didn’t result in more frequent posts from me over the intervening months. Hopefully that will change. But whether or not […]

  • Here’s to the moms


    This Mother’s Day weekend, consider an extra thank you to your mom for the way she’s encouraged you in your writing career. Every person’s story is different, but I know that many of our writers were raised by wonderful, supportive women, some of whom bent over backwards to help them succeed. I know that I […]

  • Fair editorial rates


    We don’t publish our typical editorial rates. Why not? Pricing varies greatly from project to project based on length, how polished the manuscript already is, the number of services in a package, the type of manuscript, and the author. So attempting to guess a price without seeing a manuscript would more often than often be […]