June 2015

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  • Craft a Compelling Villain


    Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith was a pretty good film, taken on its own. The dramatic tension, the score, and the cinematography all lent it an epic feel, and it was well-paced, with much better dialogue than the preceding two films and a plausible sequence of events that didn’t leave us scratching our heads. […]

  • Dialogue Tags that need to go now


    Nearly every manuscript I return to a writer bears metaphorical red pen saying, “Tone down the dialogue tags!” Put simply, dialogue tags have a time and place. They can inject clarity into a scene, help set the rhythm of the prose, and explain necessary pieces of information. But they’re much-overused. Especially if you’re writing popular […]

  • Rage’s Echo Re-releases!


    This has been an exciting week for veteran novelist J.S. Bailey, who is re-releasing her supernatural thriller Rage’s Echo as an indie novel with a brand new cover! And man, is it a beauty! I’m hard at work on a developmental edit for her upcoming novel, Sacrifice, and I recently had the opportunity to chat […]