Who We Are

Here at Quill Pen, we all share three things in common: A love of the written word, a meticulous attention to detail, and a conviction that every book we work on is valuable. We specialize in taking independent and small-press manuscripts from rough, first drafts to their final form–polished, professional novels that meet or exceed the quality standards of the major publishing houses. We also work with a number of writers who are interested in pursuing traditional contracts, helping them prepare their manuscripts for submission to literary agents across the country. In every project we take on, three overriding principles govern us:

  1. Your book is beautiful. You as the writer have something to say. Only you can tell the story that’s on your heart, and you deserve a passionate editorial team who cares about your novel.
  2. We help you craft your best story. We’re honored to have the privilege and responsibility of partnering with you to communicate your vision effectively to your readers. Your manuscript merits time and careful attention as it’s refined.
  3. We deal ethically with every client and editor. A fifth-generation entrepreneur, our founder, Catherine, understands the importance of treating people fairly. We refuse to pay our editors like sweatshop workers. We also won’t charge wildly inflated rates. It’s the right way to do business, and we know you’ll see the difference in each interaction with our editors.

Meet Our Team

Catherine Jones Payne

Executive Editor

Catherine Jones Payne is Quill Pen’s owner and executive editor. She has been editing professionally for four years and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Wheaton College, where she graduated summa cum laude. Her editing portfolio includes over twenty published books, including Katie Cross’s award-winning fantasy novel Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, and she is particularly seeking YA fantasy and fiction that creatively explores themes of gender, beauty, social justice, and religion. In addition, she is experienced with non-fiction, blogs, and writing aimed at a professional audience. Her passions include rigorous editing, polished prose, and exceptional literature. She lives in Waco, TX with her historian husband and a kitten who begs her daily for an Instagram account. When she isn’t editing, she can be found reading, drinking Twinings tea, writing her novel, or playing racquetball.