An interview with Linnette R. Mullin

Linnette Mullin is the author of Finding Beth, a story of loss, romance, and God. Recently, we had the opportunity to ask Linnette a few questions about her book, her craft, and her writing process. We’re so excited for you to get to know her too!

Tell us a little about Finding Beth.
A run-away-bride-to-be and a southern-boy-next-door… Trapped by the reality of past choices, lost in confusion and pain, Beth Gallagher must fight her way back to God. Just when she makes a new friend in Adam Blythe and finds peace with God, tragedy strikes. Beth faces new demons that steal her new-found peace and threaten her future. Could she possibly find true love with Adam Blythe? Or will this crisis tear them apart? Will she ever find her way home amidst the emotional minefield? Read Finding Beth to find out!

What has been the most rewarding part of being a published author?
The most rewarding thing for me has been when my readers write a review or give feedback that not only shows their enjoyment and appreciation of my story, but shows me that I accomplished everything I set out to achieve when writing Finding Beth. There’s no better validation than that! For more specifics, you can read the reviews posted on Amazon. Each reviewer hit on at least one thing I hoped my readers would take away from Beth’s story.

What novels have most influenced your style?
I can’t really pinpoint a novel. It has been more authors, editors, writing rules, and life that have influenced my style. I would like to think the outcome is the development of my own voice. 

If you could co-write a novel with any author, living or dead, who would it be?
That’s a very tough question! I’m not sure I have an answer for you. Co-writing would definitely be a challenge and learning experience for me. Perhaps… dead: Grace Livingston Hill; living: DiAnn Mills or Lori Wick or even Steven James (THAT would be interesting and fun! I think).

Where can we buy Finding Beth? for autographed copies. (book club specials available). – always discounted.
It will be coming to other bookstores sometime in 2014/2015!

What was the most difficult part of writing your novel?
Digging deep or bleeding on the page. Feeling the pain of my characters tended to shut me down. I had to really work at allowing myself to feel their pain as I wrote. If I don’t feel their pain, the reader certainly won’t, and the story would have no life, no impact. Second to that was learning how to write from a man’s point of view.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
~ Write, write, write! Practice makes permanent. Write and make sure you’re writing correctly. The more you write and the more you self-edit, the better and faster you will become.
~ Listen to your muse, but always be open to critiques from fellow writers and editors; develop a tough skin, but don’t let anyone destroy your voice. Changes to your writing should always enhance your own voice, not quiet it.
~ There are seasons in every writer’s life when God may require us to set writing aside for a time. Be patient with God’s timing for you. If I’d been published when I wanted to be, crucial things to Beth’s story would have been missing. Trust God’s timing for you and your writing/publishing!

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