Christmas gifts for writers

Need an idea for a Christmas gift for that writer in your life? Look no further.

Pretty much anything from The Literary Gift Company is a good bet. I salivate over this company’s website like a tween girl over a One Direction poster. The only downside is that they only ship from the UK at this time. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

I own this poster in the form of a tea towel. It is one of my favorite things. I’ve had it for years, and I still grin every time I see it. The thumbnail here might be a little hard to read–it’s essentially a Wordle made up of British and Irish authors, in the shape of Great Britain and Ireland. There’s one for American authors too, but I’m an Anglophile at heart, so I like this one more.

Every good writer is also a good reader. Chances are the writer in your life loves several of the authors featured on the poster and wants to be all of them. Plus it’s just so pretty.

Also from The Literary Gift Company, this mug is the perfect gift for any writer who also loves coffee or tea. And I’ve yet to meet a writer who doesn’t love coffee or tea.

There are mugs with the same text but a different design available from online retailers in the US, but this one is still my favorite.

In a similar vein, if anyone were to send Catherine this mug for Christmas, they would be her favorite clients for life. For life.


Don’t forget tea to go in the mug! If your writer is an Anglophile, chances are that she really wants some Twinings tea in her cup every morning. We think Lady Grey and English Breakfast are the best, but a strong argument can be made for Earl Grey as well. Make sure to find out whether he prefers loose-leaf tea or tea bags–I think loose leaf makes a little better tea, but it’s harder to make, especially if you don’t have the right equipment (tea ball, strainer, or French press).

If you’re in the market for a more practical gift, consider Scrivener. Scrivener is a writer’s best friend. It allows them to keep their scenes, character sketches, outlines, and any extra material organized in a single file, and it’s easy to compile.

However, there are a lot of Scrivener tricks that most authors don’t take advantage of. If your friend already has Scrivener, consider buying a package from Scrivener coach, Joseph Michael. We haven’t taken his classes ourselves, but he’s been recommended to us by some of our friends in the writing world as well worth the money.

If you’re wanting to buy a big-ticket item for the writer in your life, consider a writers’ conference ticket. They’re often pricey, which can be difficult for a writer who is already paying other expenses associated with self-publishing, especially if they’ve quit their day job or gone part-time, but they’re an incredible opportunity to learn new techniques, get inspiration, and network with a supportive community. Few things are as valuable for a writer as attending a conference, and you’d be giving an experience he’d never forget.

Catherine will be attending re:write in Austin on February 27 and 28, and she’d love to meet your writer there!

More whimsically, there is a cologne that reportedly smells like a paperback book.

If it really does, this is a dream come true.

This holiday season, Quill Pen is featuring gift certificates that can be applied to any services. With a Quill Pen gift certificate, your loved one can pay for developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, cover design, and more. With this gift, you would tangibly contribute to the creation of the best version of your friend’s book. And that’s a great feeling. Email to purchase a gift certificate of any amount. We’ll email you a printable gift certificate that you can wrap and put under the tree, mail you a physical gift certificate, or send the recipient an e-gift certificate on Christmas Day!

What do you think of these ideas? And what other holiday gifts have you seen that writers would love? Tell us in the comments here or on our social media pages!

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