I have a very tight deadline. Can you help?

Absolutely! Please inform us immediately if you have a specific deadline so we can make sure we meet it.

Do you work with more than just novels? Can you edit my academic paper, blog post, or speech?

Of course! Members of our team have worked with executives, bloggers, speakers, professors, and students. Services for student writers are limited by ethical constraints–we’re not going to write your paper for you. However, feedback and consultation are available for any form of writing.


What genres do you edit?

Our team of editors draws on a wide range of interests. Our specialties are YA fantasy and Christian speculative fiction, but we’ve worked on thrillers, middle-grade, theology, history, literary criticism, self-help, and more. Quill Pen accepts both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts and is taking on new academic, web, and professional clients (though we don’t edit erotica or material that’s racist, sexist, or threatening). We’re eager to discuss potential projects–please contact us with any questions about a particular manuscript or long-term arrangement!

I'm interested in joining the team. Are you accepting resumes?

Yes! Quill Pen utilizes independent contractors to assist with our editing load. Our contractors should have a bachelor’s degree or higher in the humanities (preferably an English degree), although junior or senior English majors may also be considered. Submit a resume and an editing sample with visible tracked changes to Stephanie at stephanie@quillpeneditorial.com to start the process. If we like what we see, we’ll send you a test.