Here’s to the moms

This Mother’s Day weekend, consider an extra thank you to your mom for the way she’s encouraged you in your writing career. Every person’s story is different, but I know that many of our writers were raised by wonderful, supportive women, some of whom bent over backwards to help them succeed.

I know that I wouldn’t have this business if it weren’t for my mom.

When I was a freshman in college, Ted Dekker launched his first writer’s conference–the Ragged Edge. It was held in Nashville and, as conferences usually are, quite expensive. (This is no critique–conferences cost a lot to put on.) I’m a long-time fan of Ted’s books, and I’ve wanted to write novels of my own since I was quite small. But there was no way I could afford a plane ticket to Nashville, let alone admission to the conference and a hotel room. My family owns a small business that both my parents worked at. When you rely on your own business for your family’s whole income, some years you have plenty of money and other years, not so much.

That year was a not-so-much year, and I knew it. My parents were already fully funding my pricey private school tuition. But I was desperate to go to the conference, so I dialed up my mom with trembling hands and a racing heart.

While my dad was always the parent who would hand me a $20 bill just because, my mom bent over backwards to give me every opportunity to succeed and always encouraged me to keep my options open and follow my dreams. In high school, she flew with me cross-country a half-dozen times to take me to speech and debate tournaments. She funded an unspeakably expensive English degree, and, later in my college days , six months of living in England. But when she decided to pay for this conference, she had no idea she was jump-starting my career.

The Quill Pen brand has succeeded because of the connections I made at that conference. The relationships that I developed in that group encouraged me to take editing seriously and launch my own brand, and then they brought me the clients that I needed to make that brand a reality. The clients that they brought me are now referring more clients, and we’re growing at a pace I could never have imagined. I’m even having my first published short story released this Memorial Day in an anthology put together by attendees of that conference.

I could never have imagined the ripple effect that weekend would have on my life. My mom couldn’t have imagined it either. But–as usual–she was willing to make sacrifices so that I could have an incredible experience and gain tools for success. I’m so thankful for her and for the dedication she’s always shown to her children. Thanks Mom!

What are some ways your mom has encouraged your writing career? Remember to thank her when you call her tomorrow, and give her a shout-out on social media so that her friends can see how awesome you think she is!


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