Print your book

It’s all over the news in our corner of the social media sphere: Ebook sales have slipped, and physical books are still viable! “Hooray,” I cry, as I clutch my paperbacks protectively and scowl at the dusty Kindle in the corner. Of course, the article that launched this whole discussion primarily discussed books published by the Big 5, not the sales of indie authors on Amazon. But it didn’t particularly surprise me. E-readers are a great stride toward making books portable, but if I really like a book, I’m going to buy a physical copy of it. Now, admittedly, I’m a Luddite when it comes to my own personal use of books, but if my rather unscientific social media surveys are any indication, I’m not at all alone.

The moral of the story? Print your book. Don’t just rely on ebooks to reach readers. Now, if you have to choose between paying a good editor, paying a good cover artist, and printing your book, hold off on printing. You can always do a print run later, and you only have one chance to release a fresh, compelling, error-free version of your story. But if you can make the money stretch, do a print run. There are very affordable, high-quality ways to get it done these days, and if you’re self-publishing through Amazon, you can even use their print-on-demand technology without set-up fees.


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