• Rewriting

    If you’re overwhelmed at the prospect of a significant revision, we’ll help! A Quill Pen editor can rewrite all or part of your document as needed. They can even implement the recommendations of a developmental editor to save you time and ease your revision stress. Starting at six cents per word.

  • Evaluation

    Have you finished an early draft of your manuscript? If you’re gearing up for a revision, an outside evaluation can prove invaluable. During an evaluation, a Quill Pen editor reads your manuscript and writes a 4-6 page analysis. This report will give you specific information from a professional, detailing what works, what doesn’t, and what […]

  • Proofreading

    Has your text already been edited and formatted but needs a final read-through to catch any lingering errors? For your peace of mind, you can hire a professional editor to proofread your document for incorrect grammar, punctuation, spelling, tenses, and similar mechanical errors. Starting at one cent per word.

  • Copy Editing

    This service exclusively focuses on rooting out mechanical errors, such as punctuation, spelling, tense disagreement, continuity, extra or omitted words, and basic formatting issues. The result is a cleaner, more professional document that allows the reader to focus on your content. For the best results, we recommend that you use two separate copy editors. Starting […]

  • Line editing

    A line edit is an in-depth edit that ensures the flow of your document is flawless. In this service, we focus on improving awkward sentence structure, wordiness, word choice, repetition, transitions, and anything else that’s undermining the quality of your prose. In short, your editor will rework your sentences and smooth out your writing while […]

  • Developmental Editing

    During a developmental edit, we identify broad-scale problems in the manuscript like thematic shifts, plot holes, inadequate or unbelievable characterization, pacing problems, and other significant issues that need to be addressed before line editing can begin. You’ll receive an editorial letter of 4-6 pages and a number marginal comments throughout the manuscript. Starting at two […]

  • Ghostwriting

    Do you have a concept or an outline that you’d like to see become a full-fledged manuscript? Hire a Quill Pen writer to turn your dream into a reality! Your ghostwriter will work with you to craft a manuscript, article, or other document that reflects your idea, tone, and purpose. You will retain all rights […]

  • Researching

    Need a little help on your non-fiction book or historical novel? Our experienced researchers can assist you with information gathering, fact-checking, briefing, and more. All research will be carefully cited according to a standard format.

  • Coaching

    Are you struggling with the writing process, your own motivation, a particular problem in your draft, or the next steps to take in your publishing career? We want to help you craft your best story, discuss dilemmas you’re facing in your career, and encourage you to pursue your dreams. Eighty-one percent of Americans want to […]


If you’re interested in purchasing multiple services, please let us know! We offer editing packages at a variety of price points so you can craft your best story and balance your budget. There’s even more good news: Purchasing multiple services qualifies you for discounts and saves you money!


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