Ten things you should know about your characters

Writing characters can be a lot of fun, but sometimes crafting a compelling character feels impossible. If you’re not thoroughly in the headspace of your character, ask these questions of her–perhaps over a nice cup of tea–so that you can get to know her a little better. When you understand what makes your character tick, you’ll be able to understand his reactions and why he does what he does. You’ll feel more confident as a writer, and your audience will engage more with your story.

1. What motivates him?
2. What’s her biggest secret?
3. Who would he die for?
4. What would she die for?
5. What’s his favorite novel?
6. How does she relax?
7. Does he taste his food before salting it?
8. Does she take any prescription medications?
9. Does he routinely drive over the speed limit? By how much?
10. What would she do if someone knocked on her door at midnight?


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