That writing high

It’s the best feeling in the world, when you get a writing high. Maybe it’s because you finished NaNoWriMo. Maybe an anthology accepted your short story for publication (the anthology that just accepted Catherine’s story publishes in May… just saying). Maybe you’re about to release a novel. Maybe you’ve hit the tremendous mile marker of selling a thousand copies of your book. The excitement is palpable. The thrill is incomparable.

Enjoy the high–you’ve earned it. Revel in it. Brag about it to everyone you know. But channel it. Don’t let yourself get complacent. There’s always another hurdle to clear, another high to experience. It’s easier to write three thousand words in a sitting when you’re excited about your writing career than it is when it’s just another day working, working, working. It’s important to write on the days when it’s hard, of course, because that’s most days, and you won’t get anywhere by just pursuing your dream when it’s easy. But don’t squander the days when you feel inspiration; some of those writing sessions will result in real breakthrough.

And that’s something worth getting excited about.

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Also, congratulations to E.G. Wilson, winner of the short story challenge! She won a discount on editing for her current WIP, a sci-fi that Catherine is really excited about. Watch out for this one! Her books are gonna be hot!


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