The essential wardrobe for writers (and editors)

When you’re writing intently, your coffee in an IV drip, greasy hair up in a ponytail, and the distinct smell of fire coming from the kitchen, what you’re wearing might be the last thing on your mind.

But let it not be so! Just because we’re led–or dragged through the streets and beaten without mercy–by a Muse doesn’t mean we can’t be stylin’. Here are the essentials for every writer’s closet.

1. Sweat pants

Mine are fleece and two sizes too big for me. Sexy, I know. But nothing (perhaps except for Twinings English Breakfast Tea) gets me more in the mood to sit down with a manuscript–whether it’s mine or a client’s–and work for hours at a stretch in my apartment. Perhaps someday I will have less shame and will wear them when I write at Starbucks. But I hope not.

2. Blazer (fiiiiiiine)

I know, I know, they’re not the most comfy piece in your wardrobe. But when you’re going to conferences, you’ll want a few pieces that convey professionalism and competence to agents, editors, and other writers. At most conferences you’re not going to want to go too dressy–at the last conference I attended, I wore khakis and a boyfriend blazer the first day and jeans and a fitted black blazer the second. It boosted my confidence, which is a huge plus when you’re interacting with all the impressive people you’ll meet at conferences. And not even the most determined of us can wear the fuzzy sweat pants every day.

3. A tiara

What else would you wear when you need to feel fabulous? Yes, men, I’m talking to you too! These can be had from any dollar store. A little campy? Of course. But mostly fabulous.

What do you wear to summon the Muse?


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