Are you struggling with the writing process, your own motivation, a particular problem in your draft, or the next steps to take in your publishing career? We want to help you craft your best story, discuss dilemmas you’re facing in your career, and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

Eighty-one percent of Americans want to write a book, but most will never complete the first draft. Even once the first draft is done, many aspiring authors struggle. How do you move forward? What next steps make sense for you? We’ve worked with writers of all experience levels, and we want to help you find your success.

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Meet Our Coaches


Catherine Jones Payne, Executive Editor

I’ve been editing for six years, and in 2013 I founded Quill Pen Editorial to help guide authors through the editorial process. I specialize in speculative fiction (including fantasy, soft sci-fi, and supernatural thrillers), YA, and self-help, but I have experience in a wide variety of genre fiction and non-fiction. I particularly love coaching, developmental editing, and line editing, and I released my own indie debut novel in May, so I’m familiar with distribution and marketing. I want to help you craft your best story, discuss dilemmas you’re facing in your career, and encourage you to pursue your dreams.



Stephanie Monk Guido, Managing Editor

I have been editing with Quill Pen Editorial for three years. Of the many projects I’ve worked on, my primary areas of expertise are line editing, first drafting, copy editing, and encouraging. I’ve also done major re-writes/implementation of developmental suggestions for client manuscripts—fiction and nonfiction (including ghostwriting). And, as the mother of two, I know what it’s like to try to balance writing with other priorities, and though what’s worked for me may not be helpful for you, I can assure you of a sympathetic ear. I would love to chat with you about your current work-in-progress, particular struggles you may be having in the writing process, ways to strengthen your writing, and helping you reach your writing dreams. Though I enjoy working with manuscripts of all types, my favorite genres include: mystery, fantasy, dystopian, steampunk, non-fiction, memoir, young adult, and middle grade.



Avily Jerome

I am a writer and the editor of Havok Magazine. My short stories have been published in both print and digital magazines and anthologies, and I have two short story serials available on Amazon. I love all things spec-fic, and when I’m not writing, editing, or taking care of my five kids, I love experimenting with different art forms. My specialty is in developmental edits. I love seeing a raw story and figuring out how to fill in gaps and re-work plot elements and character motivations in order to make it a really spectacular story. I’m great at helping brainstorm through writers block and plot holes in order to get your story on the right track, as well as teaching both the basics and some of the finer points of writing craft that will help you engage your reader to the greatest extent.

Victoria Monk

My educational background is in English literature and elementary education. Ever since I picked up Ivanhoe at ten years old, I have had a passion for literature and creative writing. As a teacher of English and a writer of middle grade and young adult fiction, I hope to cultivate that love of good books in the next generation. When it comes to coaching authors, some of my favorite genres of books include: fantasy, science fiction, school stories, epic poetry, middle grade, and young adult.




Carla Hoch, Fight Scene Editor

Need help writing your fight scene? Go no further. That’s literally my job. I’m a professional fight scene editor and the creator of, a blog that teaches writers to fight. I have training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Thai boxing, sayoc (bladed weaponry), tae kwon do, hapkido, kung fu, street defense (self defense with weaponry), and MMA. I’ve taught FightWrite workshops and professionally mentored writers as well. I’m comfortable editing all genres and eras and am happy to help you create or suggest weaponry to suit any. I’ve assisted authors with fighting robots, hybrid monsters, mermaids, aliens, supernatural beings, and humans that needed an attitude adjustment. Got a bleeder? No problem, I know the stages of bleeding out. Got a week-old zombie? I can tell you how it should look. Want to stop cats in their evil plot to enslave mankind? Sorry. I can’t help you there. That’s inevitable.