Your book is beautiful

On the blog and our social media pages, we talk a lot about ways that you can improve your manuscript. After all, we’re editors–our job is to help you craft the best version of your book. And I love partnering with clients, helping them enjoy a successful book launch and get positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

But remember, even when it’s a messy first draft, your book is beautiful.

Writing is a lot like slicing open a vein and bleeding on the page. You convey an intimate part of yourself with every word you add to your manuscript. It forces you to open yourself up to your readers and that can be a paralyzing thing. At the Re:Write conference this last weekend, I talked to writers who haven’t allowed anyone else to read their work, and the tragedy is that some writers spend their whole lives in fear, never publishing a book or even showing a manuscript to a friend.

Your book is beautiful because you wrote it; your beauty doesn’t come from writing a successful book. Don’t let an editor, publisher, or friend ever tell you that your writing isn’t worth anything. You have a story to tell. Surround yourself with a support network that will nurture you and your story because your book is worth it. Yes, it may need some work–maybe even a whole lot of work–before it’s ready to release to the reviewers. That’s what your beta readers and editors are here for, and if you have a good editor and listen to her advice, she won’t let you release your book before it’s ready.

So don’t second-guess yourself. Write your heart out and don’t be afraid to show what you’ve written to a talented team who can help you refine it. Because you’re beautiful and so is your story.


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